We bought a new tractor to work at Chelmsford Equestrian Centre.

It will be used to work on the livery and riding school menages.

 20 new horse power for Chelmsford Equestrian Centre, but nobody will get a horse riding lesson on these.

 After years of service, we have decided to retire our old Kubota tractor for a more modern version.

We use the small tractor to level the riding school arenas prior to horse riding lessons beginning each day. This new tractor on the equestrian centre is a little bit more powerful and will be used by the staff to maintain the field hacking tracks and other maintenance activities around the livery and riding school fields.

Jo, our yard manager isn't impressed and says that she would rather have another mule. Well Jo, this tractor does have four wheel drive, just like the mule, and we are sure that you could reverse it up the muck heap if that's what you wanted to do ...  or not! Did Jo ever find out why the mule was found parked backwards up the muck heap last year ? See an earlier blog for that story.

Our old tractor will be put up for sale shortly.



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