Our livery clients braved an Essex storm for a Christmas drink !

 A big thanks to our Chelmsford Equestrian Centre livery clients who left their stables to join us for mulled wine and minced pies.


Last night, the brave got together in our small indoor riding school to enjoy some festive cheer as a real wintery storm blasted the Essex livery yard and riding school. Wind and rain was rattling Chelmsford, when we put up the tables and heated the mulled wine after the last riding lessons had ended for the day.

Too be honest, the riding school staff wondered if anybody would come and some started sampling the wine before it even warmed up ! We should not have doubted the resilience of Chelmsford livery clients and sure enough out of the storm they appeared.

Unsurprisingly talk focused on the weather and how pleased the Livery was that  access to the fields has been so improved by the hard surface paths and gateways we have installed to the fields this year. We too are really pleased at the success of this improvement to the livery field access. It has meant that this year, the livery horses are only now being brought into the winter turnout paddocks.

We all agreed that as it was the longest night of the year and truly mid winter, we could now look forward to the arrival of spring and longer days for riding. 2014 can't come soon enough.

On behalf of all of the livery and riding school staff at Chelmsford Equestrian Centre, we wish everybody on the Livery a safe and happy festive season.







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