Mushrooms take over horsebox in livery yard !

Time to clean up a bit we think ?

 These delicious looking Oyster Mushrooms (we think ??) were found growing inside Aimee's horsebox today.

 It is always amazing where fungi chooses to grow. We don't like it when it grows on our horses, but lots of people like it with their breakfast. It looks as though those traveling in "Big Red" the horsebox are in for a treat as next time they visit Norton Heath for a dressage competition or a clear round at Brooke Farm, they will be able to do their own fry up with fresh mushrooms.

With a harvest of mushroom growing so nicely in "Big Red", the horse box, conditions at the back of the riding school and livery at Chelmsford Equestrian Centre seem ideal for Oyster Mushrooms. Is "Big Red" the first mobile mushroom farm and horse box in Essex ?

Last year we had a harvest of Giant Puffball mushrooms which are growing next to the livery menage. These are a highly prized food and taste delicious cooked with butter and cream.

We heard recently that a fungus known as reishi is being used to produce fantastically strong materials that may eventually be used as environmentally friendly fireproof replacements  to wood and plastic materials. The "roots of a fungus" are called mycelium and these are made of a material called chitin which is the same structural material that you find in animals like crabs and insects. Basically the reishi fungus uses waste products to produce something useful.

With all of those riding school and livery horses producing a mountain of a muck heap each month, we are sure that there must be merit in becoming the first riding centre in Essex to use fungi to sort out our waste problem. Failing that we will dump it in "Big Red" and invite ourselves to breakfast.



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