Part, DIY and On Demand Livery Services

A full list of Part, DIY and On Demand Livery Prices and Services

Part Livery

If you require ad-hoc services on a regular basis please contact us to discuss your requirements.

DIY Livery

Services provided:  Stable | Participation in the worming programme | A dedicated livery menage | Managed access to the schools and other facilities.

Cost: £160.00 per month

DIY Liveries can use our On Demand livery services as required.

On Demand Livery Services (bolt-on's to your standard livery bill)

We can customise on demand services to meet your various needs. We have itemised a number of the available bundles below. A full list of on demand costs is available by clicking here to download the current document.

Put to Bed

Services:  Feed (left outside stable) | Replenish water | Change rug | Skip out

Cost: £5.00 per day

Occasional Daily Full Livery

Services:  Morning feed (left outside stable) | Change rug | Turn out | Muck out | Change water | Bring in | Pick out feet | Prepare and feed hay | Prepare and feed dinner Replenish water | Put to bed

Cost: £14.00 per weekday / £20.00 per weekend day and bank/public holiday

Cost does not include stable rent or provision of food.

Occasional 5-day and one-week Full Livery

Services:  As per occasional full livery, Monday to Friday excluding Bank and Public Holidays.

Cost: £65.00 for 5 day and £82.00 for 7 day


Late Notice Surcharge: You may add or amend your livery requirements at any time without extra charge provided you give us at least 24 hours’ notice. Use the diary in the Livery Office, telephone CEC or come to reception.

If you give us less than 24 hours’ notice, we may not be able to meet your requirements. A late notice surcharge applies to all requests received with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Times of service: Livery services start at 8.00am and finish at 5.30pm. Unless otherwise agreed, the timing of services will be managed by CEC.

Please note that if you require services on Bank and Public Holidays we must be given 3 days prior notice and you will be charged the higher rates as listed.

Payments: Payment for On Demand Livery Services is monthly in arrears. VAT does not currently apply to these services.

If we are unable to complete a task because of an omission on your behalf, you will still need to pay for the service as if it had been provided.

Feed: You are responsible for ensuring that we have access to appropriate food/hay/bedding to fulfill the service requested.   If necessary and with your consent where possible, we will use our own feed/hay/bedding and charge you for the extra time and materials appropriately.  The welfare of your horse will be considered of paramount importance in this regard, and we will not knowingly leave horses without feed or hay.

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