Horse riding lessons at Chelmsford Equestrian Centre continued despite the soaking last night.

 Well done to all the team for swimming to work!

 Riding lessons continued today despite the really wet night we had in Chelmsford. The team did brilliantly getting to work and getting the really muddy horses in to their stables to dry out before grooming. In a weird way, things were so wet, you could only laugh at the weather really.

The livery yard did well, with some surface drains being blocked due to hay and straw washing around the surfaces, although we did have a small river flowing out of the neighbours garden most of the day. Unfortunately, it did flood one of the tackrooms in the area. That hasn't happened before in our memory and so it is a good indication of how wet it has been here in Chelmsford and Essex.

The outdoor riding schools are very wet and we  hope things improve quickly.

We looked at the rainfall in the local area today on the local weather website which publishes realtime weather information within our postcode area in Chelmsford.

CM2 report :

Rainfall since 12pm last night has been : 12.7mm with a total of 60mm falling so far this month over a 5 day period. In January 2013 (which was a very wet cold month),  they reported a total monthly rainfall of 27.4 mm.

If you consider that the rainfall  for Chelmsford in December 2013 was 67.3 mm against a normal average of 36mm and that December is normally the wettest month of the year, you get a sense of just why water is pouring off the fields around Chelmsford and the riding school.





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