Chelmsford team come together for their Christmas party 2013

Work in the riding school and livery stopped for a well deserved festive lunch as our staff got together from all over Essex to relax.

There were no riding lessons in Chelmsford Equestrian Centre when our riding school and livery team got together for their Xmas Party yesterday. We met at the Running Mare Pub which is just off the Stock Road that leads to Billericay.

It was a great chance to relax and recount stories about riding lessons, livery horses, Christmas presents and turkey plans for the big day. We had a really good meal and Eddie even got a kiss from Jan. His face tells it all.

Adrienne ate fish. Why ? We don't know. But is it to do with when she fell off her Neddy hacking across the Galleywood common or does she like fish? Ask her next time you see her.

Thanks Elisa for organising our get together and Happy Christmas to all of our riding school and livery clients from across Essex.

Pics below:



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