The horses

Bob - Grey Gelding

Height : 14.2 hh


Bob is our oldest resident here at CEC. He is used for our beginners and clients just learning to canter. Bob is a cheeky chap and loves to spend time out in the field with his pals.

Champers - Dun Mare

Height : 13.2 hh

Until recently, Champers was our only Dun pony at Chelmsford Riding School. She is normally used in lessons where the children have just started to canter. Champers loves to lie down and doze all day, that’s if she’s not being fussed and groomed!

Dolly - Skewbald Mare

Height : 12 hh


Dolly arrived at CEC in January 2015.  She is 15 years old and is used mainly in our Tiny Tots and Lead-Rein lessons. She is a real favourite with all the children who ride at CEC.

Dylan - Bay Gelding

Height : 13.2 hh


Dylan always likes to have his own way and never fails to keep us on our toes! His cheeky personality is always making everyone laugh. Dylan is mainly used for our beginner riders, and those who have just learned to canter.

Freddie - Grey Gelding

Height : 13 hh


Freddie is our grey mud monster and never fails to come in covered in dirt, rain or shine! If not enjoying a good groom Freddie is used on our Junior lessons just learning to canter.

Ginger - Chestnut Mare

Height : 13 hh


Ginger, just like Rosie is one of our mischievous ponies that loves to be in the field eating! Ginger is also used on the lead rein and above lessons, but loves to jump as well!

Brown Jim  - Bay Gelding

Height : 11.3hh


Brown Jim or "Jim" as he's known on the yard arrived at the Centre in September 2014.  He is the same height as Sapphire and they are best friends.

Murphy - Black Gelding

Height : 14.2 hh

Murphy is a character of his own! Although a little cheeky, he works well on our more advanced lessons. Murphy loves to be groomed or getting muddy in the field. A good excuse for a brush every morning!

Opal - Cremello Mare

Height : 12 hh

Opal is our little cremello pony used on our lead rein lessons, and also for the children learning to canter. Out of all of our ponies she is one of the shyest, but has been at CEC a long time! Opal taught some of the girls who work here now when they were little, and is still enjoying her job years later.

Rosie - Bay Mare

Height : 12hh

Rosie has a mischievous character and is always spending time in the field with ginger. It’s their favourite place to be. If not out in the fields Rosie is used for our lead rein and above lessons, but always loves to be groomed!

Splash - Chestnut Mare

Height : 16.2 hh


Splash is one of our bigger horses used for adult private lessons, and our more advanced lessons. She loves to be grazing out in the field but is always a hard worker when it comes to working in the school.

Star - Black Shetland Gelding

Height : 10.2 hh


Star, being the only Shetland pony we have at CEC never fails to get all of the attention off of the little children who come to ride! He is used for a lead rein lessons.

Starry - Bay Mare

Height : 14.2 hh


Starry has a lovely, quiet temperament, which probably comes down to her having many foals before she came to CEC! She arrived in 2013 and settled in very quickly. She is used for our more advanced private lessons and student/staff lessons!

Topper - Grey Gelding

Height : 13.2 hh


Topper is a very forward pony making sure he is in on all of the fuss and treats! He never likes to miss out on any attention, and always makes himself seen. He is used on a wide range of lessons for the children which he enjoys.

Tubby - Chestnut Gelding

Height : 12 hh


Tubby is one of our smallest ponies, but seems to think he is a lot bigger than he is! He is used on our lead rein lessons for our complete beginners just learning the first steps of riding.

York - Brown / Black Gelding

Height : 17.2 hh


York is our black thoroughbred who catches everyone’s eye! He is 17.2 hh so one of the biggest horses here. He is used on a variety of lessons and suits a lot of our rider’s needs. York is favoured by a lot of the adults who ride with us!

Oreo – Grey Gelding

Height : 18 hh


Oreo is the biggest horse here at CEC, towering over our entire herd at 18hh! At the moment he is not suitable for beginner riders, but we hope soon that he will, with more training be able to be used by all riders as well as more advanced. Oreo has won over all of our staff who adore the gentle giant!

Sparky - Bay Gelding

Height : 15hh


Sparky is not a newcomer to CEC as he is on loan to us from the previous owners of the Centre.  Sparky is mainly used by our adult and teenage riders and he is extremely popular.   

Sapphire - Grey Mare

Height : 11.2hh


Sapphire is a Welsh Cross Mare. She is used for Beginner to Intermediate children's lessons and is best field friends with both Rosie and Ginger.

Mac - Dark Bay Gelding

Height : 15.1hh


Mac is currently used on a wide variety of client lessons. He will turn his hoof to anything and particularly enjoys show jumping. Mac came to CEC in March 2014 and has already developed a strong fan base amongst our clients.


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