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Horse riding lessons in Billericay Essex
Only a short drive away.
How many Chelmsford livery horses can you fit in a bucket?
How many Chelmsford livery horses can you fit in a bucket ?
Horse riding at Chelmsford Riding School in 1984
Dean sent us this picture of him sitting on a pony at the riding school. Does anybody recognise the Pony?
Riding School Horse Astro shows Jo the bucket.
¿Dónde está el pony la comida? - Where are the pony nuts?
Rachel swopped horse riding lessons for driving lessons.
Well done to Rachel as she passes her drivers test first time !!!
20 new horse power arrives at Chelmsford Equestrian Centre
... nobody will get a horse riding lesson on these.Jo, the Riding School and Livery Yard manager says she would rather have a mule.....
Beautiful morning at the riding school as the sun shines on Chelmsford Equestrian Centre - a bit....
Great picture of Oreo enjoying the frosty morning with a role in the mud
Getting Ready for Horse Riding Lessons in Chelmsford Essex
After last nights torrential rain, everybody felt soaked this morning whilst getting the riding school horses in from the fields. Spring can't come fast enough...
Bishop of Boreham is never seen again - A sorry tale
Moral : Don't teach horses strange commands.
Great picture of Bobby and Katie preparing for a riding lesson.
What is that on Bobby's head?
Chelmsford livery celebrate Christmas in small riding school
Our Liveries and staff brave an Essex storm to celebrate Christmas ....
Big Chelmsford riding school horse sleeps in Essex stable
York takes forty winks and we discuss horses sleeping..
Six new full livery stables ready in January 2014
Progress at last on finishing new stables.
Jo to investigate how mule got parked on Chelmsford muck heap
mmmmm - let me think .... accelerator or brake ???
Chelmsford Riding School staff practice apple bobbing
Do these staff do any work ? :)
The Coffee Club includes Biscuits
Discover how to spend time with horses and have fun !!!
Elisa Freeman joins CEC
Elisa Freeman joins the Chelmsford Equestrian Centre admin team

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